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When I was a child, I was a kind and caring person, but now I have undergone earth-shaking changes. Now I am arrogant, I will never go to bargain with others for a few dollars, because bargaining will make me feel that I have no face. Every time my mother went shopping, I was forced to pull me and said that it was for me to understand the society. When I buy food, my mother always tells the price to someone for a few cents. At this time, I feel that my face has been lost by my mother. But what is the truth? Every time I go shopping on the street Cigarettes For Sale, I always pretend to have a wealthy look. When I ask for a price, I will pay for it. I will see the little vendors�� smiles and smiles. I know a lot. The imaginary head, but because I can't put down this noble face, can't let go of the students' high heights, I have to "keep the air and swallow the sound" and "catch up", so every month the pocket money will be "squeezed". Day after day, month after month, and suddenly one day, I feel that it is too unfair to me to "stay freely" in such a "silent and uninteresting" situation. It is really aggrieved. Hey? Why don't you try to bargain? Even if you are stupid, you can't talk, you can't leave. Give it a try. Now it��s not Zhengxing��s ��participation consciousness. So I took my 50 yuan private house and took to the streets on a sunny and sunny day. I took the road of my first bargaining. Walking through the long street, I saw a The shop selling clothes is full of small shirts, full of exquisiteness. According to the style and fabric quality, it is not enough luxury, but it is cheap to think. I didn��t think much, I went in, but my heart was like a rabbit. Uneasy, look at the price, the real price of "47" yuan, for the current I is not too expensive, but I am thinking, suddenly a voice interrupted me, "Little girl you buy?" A young board asked I. I, I can see, can it be cheaper?" The young boss said, "If you want to take 40 yuan away! Oh! I will lose 7 yuan when I open my mouth. There must be a virtual head. I am thinking about it. The courage is also big. "Auntie, there are fewer points. You see this fabric, this button..." I found many shortcomings that I didn't know existed. I played eloquence at a super level, and the price dropped to 36 yuan. Buy it? I ask myself: No, try again, I am immediately interested. "A Today is Sunday, business is good Marlboro Gold. 30 yuan! You are a student, it is a consumer, it is not easy for parents to earn some money..." I also used my mother's theory of teaching me. Just when I am eloquent, the boss is impatient. A wave of hands. I think: Finished, we must catch people. I know, she said: "30 yuan for 30 yuan, a picture of Geely. "I stayed at once. I was still stunned. Now I am still awkward. I am overwhelmed. Maybe "success" came too suddenly to pick the right clothes and pay for it. I know that the boss is behind the cold: "I really admire this student. "I turned back and my face rose red Newport Cigarettes Coupons. She seemed to see my heart and smiled. "Why, I am embarrassed, and the price is not shameful. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "the sky is asking for the price, and the money is paid back locally." Some people like this dress saw 47 yuan and took it away. You see, counter-offer, only 30 yuan. Do you say that the 17 yuan is not worthy? Your middle school students should have a little commercial consciousness from an early age, but now the business economy The tide of the international trade is not the price of bargaining. I am convinced that I am convinced that it is not bad. Why did you disregard the past? The first time bargaining, my harvest is not small! Actually parents It��s not easy to make money. Every penny we spend now is the hard-earned money earned by our parents. We must learn how to help our parents share the false faces that are not needed in life. Sometimes, face will make you change. Be a person who doesn't even know you, not only will you lose your face, but even the real one will disappear.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Marlboro Cigarettes
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